Omaha's New Spay Neuter Center

I started to write about a subject dear to my heart, but perhaps a bit overreaching for a short post...

Pet Overpopulation

After considerable effort, I narrowed my focus...

Overpopulation of Dogs and Cats in and around Omaha

And then again...

Intact Outdoor Cats in and around Omaha, the Quality of Life for Them and Their Kittens and Their Effect on Song Birds


Health and Behavior Issues of Intact Dogs and the Effect on the Community of having More Puppies Than Available Homes

And then once more...

The Farmer with Fifteen Barn Cats Who Can Now Afford to Have Them All Spayed, Neutered, Leukemia Checked and Vaccinated

and did.

The Family WITHOUT $1200 but with a Nine Year Old Dog with Closed Pyometra Who Really, Really Wanted to Help Her

and did.

Finally I settled on this...

The Spay Omaha Solution Lied Spay/Neuter Center

Omaha has a fairly new veterinary hospital.  They provide spay and neuter surgery for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens for a reduced fee compared to the fees of most veterinary hospitals.

Low Cost Clinic Aims to Reduce Pet Overpopulation

Omaha World Herald

May 2, 2012

The Spay Omaha Solution Lied Spay/Neuter Center is affiliated with Nebraska Humane Society and funded by private donations, including donations from the Lied Foundation Trust.

Dr. Engel and her staff are equipped to perform surgery on up to forty-four pets a day.  The line most days is out the door.

These are not pets leaving private veterinary hospitals for this one.  These are mainly young adult pets who are not otherwise being spayed or neutered, often from typically lower income areas of town whose families now have an option they can afford.

They are pets taken in by the huge rescue network of Omaha that are now being spayed and neutered for an even lower cost than Omaha's private veterinary hospitals were able to offer (often at a loss to the hospitals).

These are the barn cats and the feral cats and the outdoor cats of Omaha, who do not always have just one family or even any family, but now can be spayed or neutered for a very low cost, hopefully breaking the cycle of Omaha's cat and kitten overpopulation problem, maybe even in the very near future.

This is not a hospital cutting corners to make ends meet.  This is a hospital with a highly skilled surgeon practicing excellent medicine and reaching a portion of the community that we as private practitioners were not able to reach before.

I have seen Dr. Engel and her team perform surgery.  Imagine if you took the portion of veterinary medicine you were most passionate about and did it exclusively day after day, how incredibly good you would become.  Imagine how fun it would be to watch someone do what they love to do and what they do best.  That is what it is like watching Dr. Engel and her team work.

As the debate continues over whether low cost spay-neuter clinics are stealing our business and whether they are of the high quality our profession demands and whether it is fair that some are subsidized while we are not, I will say I am so proud to have the Spay Omaha Solution Spay/Neuter Center here in Omaha, and Omaha is so blessed to have them.

My caseload has not suffered.

The team, the facility and the medicine are very high quality.

They have been funded by private donations in order to help the members of our community - pets and people - who need them.

Were none of that true, I would still be very excited that pet overpopulation will soon be solved.  As a society, we are close.  In Omaha, we are very close.

Dr. Engel, we are so glad you and your team are here.  We - as a community and as the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals team - will do whatever we can to help you succeed.  Thank you for helping the families we so desperately wanted to help but were not reaching.  We look forward with you to the day when pet overpopulation is no longer an issue in our community.


  • Thank you Sir! Your "Out of the LCSN closet" inspired me to get off my um apathy :) and write this post. And thank you Dr. Khuly. I did not want our medical community to forget that as pet lovers, we are on the same team.
    Finch93, 2 years ago | Flag
  • Thank you! I enjoyed reading something positive about spay and neuter clinics on this site ...

    -Dr. Patty Khuly

    drpattykhuly, 2 years ago | Flag
  • Another great effort in the war against overpopulation. I don't care what anyone says, spaying and neutering cats and dogs that otherwise would not be has got to be part of the solution!


    pmcvt66, 2 years ago | Flag

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