Patience, gray hairs, and job hunting oh my!

I wish I had the patience of a gray hair.

I say this as I find patch of them hidden away in my brown locks this morning as I'm doing my hair.  No surprise, really, but as with most days, I spend the morning in my beauty routine thinking random thoughts.  Today I'm thinking about my pending life change.

I'm getting married in 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days.  Not so daunting is the marriage itself to the man of my dreams, but the fact I'm moving my kids and leaving a wonderful job that I've had the last 14 years and starting over somewhere new. 

Hence the gray hairs.

As I plucked out a handful this AM, I marveled at how long they seemed  and how many there were, but yet escaped my notice. (Or I was ignoring them). They patiently hide amongst their counteparts growing, waiting to 'make their move'.  I had a little sigh of relief as I consoled myself with the fact that it would take at least a year before they could grow to such monstrous lengths and they would blessedly be MIA during any job interviews I may be having.  Unlike these pesky gray hairs, who clearly have nothing but time, I am growing impatient with the still looming 4 months of waiting to move.  Impatient, and nervous about a new job.  At the tender age of 30 something (a lady never reveals her age), I find that although I'm experienced beyond means, and can easily fill a resume for a veterinary position with everything I can do and run in a vet clinic, I fear one thing may be missing to help my cause.


I started in high school in the vet field in 1990 and never looked back.  I had no desire to be a vet; I liked doing everything else.  At that time, in the state I lived in, no vet tech licensing was required.   I learned it all, from manning the front desk, to helping hold animals, to prepping and cleaning up after surgery.  You multi tasked and became on MVP with all your skills.  You were a receptionist up front, a vet assistant during exams, and a vet tech during surgery hours.  The more you worked the more you learned and practical experience far outweighed the need for paper certification, especially in a state that didn't require it. 

Now after 20 years, I'm not sure my clinical practicality will do it.  I rationalize a few things.  1) You really can't beat experience and I have alot of that.  2) No certification means they can pay me less, but still get more bang for their buck.  3) My age (and gray hairs) may help me, rather than hinder me.  I can show maturity and a less flighty nature, so my plan to stick around for awhile holds water. 

I worry that my experience may hurt me, too.  you become the 'new guy' at a clinic, but without trying to, you become a threatening presence to the people already there.  I fear my good nature and team player work ethic will inevitably make me a 'bad guy' just on premise. 

Thankfully, I am willing to work anywhere, if need be, but I would prefer to stay with what I know and am good at.  (and especially since the fiance has given me orders that I can't work at the java joint because I can't get paid in latte's.....)

And although I'm eager to move forward in a new direction and new city, I find I'm impatient to just get there and have all the peices fall into place.  I'm scared, too, I'll admit.  What if i don't find a job?  I fear you'll soon see me rattling my tin can in Firstline or on DVM360, looking for a hand out.  Maybe then the gray hairs will help. 

My hope though is with a town 6 times the size of Lewiston, that there is someone willing to hire a woman of experience.  An oldie, but a goodie. 

Hello Spokane! Laughing


  • Ah the job hunt....a terribly tedious and often disappointing time when you rush to your email and favorite job posting sites daily, sometimes several times a day, only to find positions in Alaska (no palm trees there) and 50 postings about government jobs or envelope stuffing!  Sigh!  Try again in an hour.  Best wishes in your search.   In my opinion the oldies but goodies are the best!



    donnaraeb, 4 years ago | Flag
  • Rachael, you'll be great—and find an equally great job! You know you'll have all us Firstline editors pulling for you.

    khillard, 4 years ago | Flag
  • You will do great. if all else fails and I don't tink that will happen, your writing skills are very good. I understand the fears and the gray...easy to fix if you so choose. But, just from reading what you write, I would love to work with someone like you. Good luck in all the new changes you are making and marriage is pretty long as you remember the man brain is quite different and don't take it personal when you are talking to the air. My favorite trick is to talk crazy talk and ask if he hears me and he says "YES DEAR" and that is when I get to bust him for not paying attention and saying "Yes, honey you are right" cause my crazy talk is telling him he is all kinds of things...also never walk out, work it out. And the coolest thing I ever did was shake him up when going to a serious function was to do the garter/stockings flash and what a hit that was for our many years of marriage. The BIG bosses wondered what hit him as he is such a serious guy and his presentation was awesome!

    bleedingheart4u, 4 years ago | Flag

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