• Veterinary technician job market: booming?

    An employment expert recently said that veterinary technician jobs are expected to experience 36 percent growth between now and 2018. That’s an average of 4,850 job openings per year. (Read the full story here.)

    Almost 5,000 job openings a year? That high figure is great, but from what I've heard, it's a little unrealistic. What do you think? Will the veterinary technician job market grow as much as this gentleman says it will?

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    It is about as realistic as the projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics/AVMA/AAVMC that we need 20,000 or more additional veterinarians. Most of these experts have no real numbers to back up their claims. However, there might be some truth in this claim if the practice of medicine changes to allow our technicians to more "routine" preventive medicine as physician assistants and nurse practitioners are allowed to do. Imagine that a veterinary technician with good training in routine medicine and basic procedures in large animal medicine could greatly extend the capability of large animal vets in rural areas. As long as their duties are clearly defined and supervised, this could be a win-win for these rural areas that cannot support enough veterinarians to provide adequate services. Well trained and compensated techs are the answer to leveraging veterinarians. Human medicine has been practicing this for years.


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