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    I just read the article about the new TV show about a veterinary practice. Unfortunately, I am sure that just like the few shows of this type in the past it will also be a negative view of our profession. The first sentence states that the show is about a doctor who loves animals but hates their owners. Well, the show should be about a veterinarian in research because we all know that you can't have a successful practice if you don't like people.

    So, I'll probably watch the first show but I'm not expecting anything more than a demeaning portrait of a silly person in a white coat who doesn't deserve the respect of the public for the highly skilled professional veterinarians are.

    Anyway, that's my opinion. 

    Oh, I am a little disappionted in DVM360. They printed the story as if it were something we should be excited about.


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  • new television show

    What is the name of the show or article title? I didn't see the article.

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  • Animal Practice coming to NBC

    Hi there. You can click here to read the article.

    Kristi Reimer
    Editor, DVM Newsmagazine

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  • Animal Practice

    I think Animal Practice is going to be fun. If one of their vets is a monkey, odds are they are not going for a reality show ;)

    I don't claim to have good taste. My favorite show ever is Scrubs, and I have been looking for a show that funny since it ended. I know a lot of docs and vets hated that show, and it was not realistic, but it was fun. I don't expect this new vet show to be that awesome, but I am hoping it is!

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