• RI state vet says euthanasia is answer to feral cats

    What are we to do about feral cats, pointed to as disease carriers and wildlife eaters?

    After trying other feral-cat control methods, Rhode Island's state veterinarian says euthanasia is the way. Click here to read the story.

    Is trap-and-neuter failing, or has it not been used enough?

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  • TNR is the way!!!

    Trap-Neuter-Return has been proven to work.  If an area is experiencing a feral cat population problem, education about and support for TNR is needed there.  Alley Cat Allies (www.alleycat.org) is the foremost authority on the control of feral cat populations in this country, and they are happy to provide education about and assistance with TNR programs.   They can also provide data from studies about the impact of feral cats on local wildlife.  (Human activity tends to impact wildlife a great deal more than feral cats do.)

    Are there enough veterinarians in the area who are willing to provide low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats??  This is an essential ingredient to the success of humane population control in feral animals. 

    And personally, I don't believe that any veterinarian who advocates euthanasia as the only way should be practicing at all, let alone being a state veterinarian.   I agree that his solution reminds one of Hitler's "Final Solution".   He claims other methods are ineffective, but he does not state what has already been tried or offer any explanation as to why these methods supposedly failed.  I just don't believe him.

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